Toes in the Water

by Lotus and the Wildflower

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It's a mix of folky spunk , earthly love, and self awareness.

Recording this album was a magical experience and a dream come true!


released May 7, 2014

Carina Rempel - Vocals, Acoustic guitar
Juhli Jobi - Ukelele, background vocals
Bill Hall - Electric guitar
Chris Weeks - Djembe
Tom Dowding - Piano ( Odd One Out )
Cam Twyford - Piano, Drums , Bass guitar

Produced by Cam Twyford @ the Music Room
in Powell River, British Columbia

all songs written by Carina Rempel


all rights reserved



Lotus and the Wildflower Powell River, British Columbia

New EP Piano in the Grass ft.
The Love Story,
Written and performed by Juhli Jobi

Singer /Songwriter Carina Rempel uses her music which has been described as " Sweet and Earthy" as a form of activism to bring attention to causes that are important to her. Several songs are also just care-free and fun to listen to.
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Track Name: Play
Little girls throw your red boots on
splash through time
Little girls put your raincoats on
spin through time oh spin through time

Little boys run like the wind
chasing eagles high and dry oh
Little boys skipping rocks on the water shore
day and night oh day and night

Laughing , jumping , skipping running
playing til' the lights come on
Laughing , jumping skipping runnin'
playing til mamma calls you home
until mamma calls you home

Little girls dancing with butterfly wings
to summer songs
little boys racing dragonflies
eagles soar while slowly passing by
while slowly passing by


It wont be long til your big and strong one day you'll see
I'll let you go and set you free I'll let you be

Track Name: We Are To Blame
Star lights of the San Diego skyline
to the oasis of the LA road
dejavu driving down the highway
Where have I been all day

Neon lights garbage lined highway
I saw free willy in person today
Is this real , what I feel
Wipe away my pain Hide me from the shame
We are to Blame

Over the horizon souring one with the breeze
a view of shamus deep blue sea
moments away from freedom he can sense but never be
WHY cant they see oh
we are to blame

Who's gonna clean up the mess we've made of
fast food packages decorating cactuses
pop covered watered grass
peering threw the looking glass
organics of life put to shame
its driving me insane oh
We are to blame
Track Name: Magical Slide
I took a trip to the dump and found a magical slide
Took a trip to the dump had a few moments to cry
While the trees waved goodbye to me
above the snow capped mountains covered with humanity

Humanities remains -our earthly claim to fame oh ya
Humanities remains- our earthly claim to fame oh ya
One day our children will ask us why
Why we didn't stop to try oh why we didn't stop
close your eyes

Walking and talking is a man of good deed
He picks up a cup , rolls up the rim with no succeed
Tosses it to the curb outside
Mother Nature needs a little zest to her life oh
the earth will be alright
close your eyes

Salvages insanity is a woman that leads
she beautifies the refuse only her eyes can see
tears of hope shed by Mother Earth
picking up the pieces revealing the dirt oh loving the earth
Don't close your eyes

Don't close your eyes the earth she needs your light
Don't close your eyes the earth she needs your light

One day our children will ask us why
Why we didn't stop to try oh why we didn't stop

Don't close your eyes.
Track Name: Break Free
Pulling us away from what we call home
our freedom to live our freedom to roam
Stealing young lives , corrupting young minds
all the government and the media are holding the signs

Tell me the truth mom, is it real what I see?
all the killing and bombing in other countries
why oh why would the government lie
and tell us they want to help while watching people die

Can I eat this food that I see or
will it kill the inside of me?
Im told that its good and Im told that its bad
oh who do I believe all these thoughts in my head

Spraying the future with gallons of greed
feeding the government pockets with seeds that will bleed.

Do they know , Money's paper
Paper will burn , when will they learn?
When will they learn...when it's all gone you see
that's when they'll realize what the earth really needs

An over abundance of love not greed
Break free my child from societies need
Some say I'm a dreamer , more dreamers are what we need
oh break free my child from societies greed
Break free my child from societies greed.
Track Name: Here I Go
A single blade of grass standing tall
A rain drop is perched on its own
sunbeams shine through all eyes on you
sunbeams shine through all eyes on you

High in the sky I hold on tight
Opening my wings like a bird in flight

Round and round it goes
An endless flight I know
Here I Go

Bending to and froe while seasons change
Cut beneath the roots embracing the days
Sun and rain pave the way
green to gold I'm on my way

Trembling down the earth
another song about birth
Here I go

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